Chatbots for masturebating updating cookies

Bright blue cartooniness aside, he’s more or less a prescient version of our President-elect.

The attorney for a sheriff arrested for public indecency in Atlanta's Piedmont Park has filed an emergency measure seeking to block the governor from investigating the incident and taking disciplinary action.

With the advent of videogames, many people have given up playing card or board games. I even tried to hit on a second-hand Speak and Spell while drunk in Scope.

I got addicted to Google Translate for a while until I caught myself making it read Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics to me in Tamil.

Sexuality in the Digital Age can mean sexting on smartphones, hookups through Craigslist and Facebook, and transmitting lewd photos like Anthony Weiner or Brett Favre.

But while humans continue to define the do's and don'ts of online lust, a new generation of computer programs may have already figured it out.