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Back by popular demand, this Thursday Night Art Market I’ll teach you how to make a custom alcohol ink ceramic tile coaster for .You’ll take home your coaster to show all of your friends what your artistic talents are made of! Continue reading The dog days of summer are no more… Folks have been missing Saskatoon speed dating this July.Presenting a series of exciting events planned for 2017 that have been long overdue in Saskatoon - targeting Single Professionals over 50 years of age!No matter what your profession or if you are retired - you are welcome! It was a relaxed, social atmosphere where men & women had a chance to mingle, meet &/or network without the awkwardness of match-making, speed-dating or the uncertainties of online connections.Although pelicans are fairly friendly at most other times of the year, they will abandon their nest sites if approached during breeding season.It was paramount that the birds not be disturbed so the crew filmed them from a small boat without ever setting foot on the birds' breeding island.

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Do Sask offers a range of ways for you to connect with others who share similar interests and a passion for meeting new people.

Here, American white pelicans breed in a vast island colony that provides protection from predators like foxes and coyotes.

They lay two eggs a year, incubate them for a month and then care for their chicks until they fledge about 80 days later.

After that - we ask for a yearly fee in addition to each event cost.

Fee can be paid via E-transfer, Paypal or in person to Denise.