Fun dating ideas for teenagers

Simple and fun activities will show teens how to be polite, courteous and properly conduct themselves in real-life settings.

You can write several etiquette scenarios on strips of paper that explore matters such as how to ask someone to pass an item or how to properly introduce yourself to a new person. Have each pair pick a scenario out of the hat and then give the pairs a few minutes to discuss their scenario.

When you’re a parent, it’s not easy to keep romance alive.

Crying babies, precocious toddlers, and obnoxious teenagers have a way of draining all of your romantic impulses away.

You are such a strange phenomenon, so amazing & simultaneously horrifying.

Who knows where the night will begin or where it could all lead?

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Teenagers are on the verge of blossoming into young adulthood and learning proper etiquette in matters such as table or phone manners will be beneficial as they grow.

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