Consolidating school districts

13, 2017, as Ronda Plowman and Donna Goodman (background center and right) serve meals into small containers for the school's daycare students. Each student at Diagonal receives a Google Chromebook to use for classwork. Miller/The Gazette)Brandi Cole, a math teacher, helps Haley Plowman, 13, (center) as Ashtyn Werner (left), 13, works on during her eighth grade math class at Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Werner comes from Mount Ayr and Plowman comes from Union County to attend the school. The school is too small to have a football team, so they celebrate during basketball season. Miller/The Gazette) After an overtime win, half the Diagonal girls basketball team rushed courtside to grab clarinets, flutes and a snare drum. Hayden Blanton (left) and Kerigann Henson (right) cheer during a timeout in the girls' homecoming basketball game at Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. The girls, who are in kindergarten, joined other younger students as cheerleaders during the girls' and boys' games. Miller/The Gazette)Students eat lunch in the Diagonal School lunchroom in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Eldon Paxson, 14, runs for the bus in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Older students ride a midday bus to participate in extracurriculars at the high school in nearby Mount Ayr. Miller/The Gazette)Kira Egly, 11, a sixth grader, uses her touchscreen laptop during work time in their classroom. Kids watch out the window of a school bus as they wait to be driven home from Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. This day was the school's homecoming, and students had an early out following a pep rally and indoor parade of miniature floats.The Canadian Prairie Provinces showed a similar pattern: by the 1930s Saskatchewan reported 4,000 school districts and Manitoba 1,700.Significant population declines followed the droughts and economic crisis that struck the Great Plains in the thirties. portion of the region, by 1968 only 4,822 school districts remained.The state’s 19 districts, three of which are vocational range in size from 16,000 students in Red Clay to 1,200 in Polytech.Not surprisingly, New Castle County, with its large population, has more districts than Kent.Given the seemingly disproportionate number of districts, some Delaware taxpayers have wondered over the years if consolidation would be wise.On occasion, state officials have formally proposed merging districts to save money.

The school is too small to have a football team, so they celebrate during basketball season. Miller/The Gazette)Diagonal School (left of center) sits on top of a hill in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Diagonal Community School District's certified enrollment is 97 students, making it the smallest school district in Iowa. Still sweating and catching their breath, members of the basketball team played the fight song for their own win.Despite this, the prevailing notion of streamlining school districts and reducing expenditures through consolidation remains strong.The links listed below provide a glimpse of the extant research on school consolidation as well as providing some ideas for areas in need of more study.(Delaware State News/Marc Clery) DOVER — Philadelphia has 199,000 public school students and just one school district.Montgomery County, Maryland, has one countywide district, covering 156,000 students. About 137,000 students — and 19 separate school districts, a figure that doesn’t include 25 charter schools around the state.