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So Apple is just going to get rid of the i Pad mini.

A campaign that looks perfect in Gmail might look different in Outlook 2002.But I think Apple will still keep the i Pad mini for a little while — it’s just going to slowly fade away.There has been an update to the viral story that has the Internet asking Cracker Barrel, “Why did Cracker Barrel fire Brad’s wife?With so much attention focused on Brad’s wife being fired from Cracker Barrel, the hashtag #Brads Wife became a thing, as seen in the following photos.Folks began updating Cracker Barrel’s information across the web, to list their number of employees, “minus Brad’s wife.” People began posting photos of going to IHOP instead of Cracker Barrel, all because Cracker Barrel fired Brad’s wife. I would like everyone to remember that some very good people work for them.