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His latest sting on Saturday saw Mr Poole and his team travel to Cwmbran railway station to speak to a man who thought he was meeting a 14-year-old Hereford girl.The whole incident was captured on a Facebook Live video which has been seen more than 103,000 times.You can Log On and Reply to any of the messages already on the board or post your own message. Simply enter your i Phone, i Pod Touch, Android, Palm or Blackberry's internet browser (e.g. I first got the walking bug whilst doing a charity walk in Snowdonia in 1998 (Crib Goch at 4 a.m.).I'm happy walking on hilltops and along valleys, canals, rivers and dales as well as mountain tops.They also have experienced staff who can help point you in the right direction.Lectures, workshops and sessions for new users are regularly held and group visits can be arranged.

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“There is still a lot of hard work to be completed before the proposed transaction proceeds, but it is important to recognise that there will be no magic wand.I walk to chill and enjoy what's there, not to just race to the end, what would make my day complete though is some cheerful, like minded female company to share the views, some good conversation (serious or silly), laughter and after walk refreshments. Hi, my name is John and I live and work near the Cairngorm Mountains in northern Scotland. I live in PRESTON and I'm looking for male/ female/group walking companions.I'm chilled, have a quick wit, great sense of humour and am good fun to walk with. I moved here recently because I love the beauty of this region in particular and Scotland more generally. I used to walk every weekend a couple of years ago and have managed to tick off over 50 of the wainwrights plus many other challenging walks however my fitness levels are not what they used to be and I would like to change that !I just love being in beautiful landscapes and enjoying the wonders of nature. My sense of direction is not great but if I'm really observant I can get by and I'm looking at buying a GPS unit.I usually carry binoculars with me to observe any wildlife that puts in an appearance and Scotland has plenty to offer in this regard. A visit to a nice pub with good company, food and beer is a perfect end to a day's walk. I prefer the lakes but I'm happy to do more local short walks too.