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Every Mother’s Day, we’re given an opportunity to thank the woman in our life responsible for raising us as children, for guiding us as young adults, for caring for us our whole lives, and for loving us unconditionally.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my wonderful mom, the person I call for everything from career advice to recipe troubleshooting.

Get a 3-minute tour of some of our facilities and our eco-village.

See our Community Center, one of our greenhouses, our Octagon Hall, several eco-buildings, labrynth, solar & wind power, gardens and orchards..more!

Here are a few pros and cons of living in a retirement village: Save money on living expenses: Many women over 60 today would love to downsize to a smaller home.

Moving to a retirement village is one way to downsize by selling your larger house and moving to a smaller apartment with communal spaces to share with the neighbors.

During their conversation, Temari notes how emotional Shikamaru is around her.

Temari was sent by the Sand Village to save Shikamaru during his battle with Tayuya.

After Tayuya was defeated, Shikamaru commented on her Temari's, "scary yet beautiful" smile.

Meanwhile, Tess searches for a cure for Alexander, who is rapidly aging.

→ see also Category: Screencaps from episode 10x06 Clark and Lois are driving out in the country when Lois asks about the time the Crystal of Knowledge transported both of them to the Phantom Zone. She then asks about Doomsday crashing Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, which he confirms was also Kryptonian.