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When in SFTP mode, there's comment box above the commit log.

As you make changes to the codebase, the Dashboard will track your changes and you'll see all the pending changes.

To add new folders, right-click on the side you want to create the folder on, and click Need More Information?

This tutorial is designed to assist students, faculty, and staff of UC Santa Cruz, and is not intended to offer comprehensive support for Dreamweaver.

I won't copy it here, as it's already in the comments of my article, formatted in a nice sequence.

But, if you're having problems with FTPing to your remote server in Dreamweaver due to your testing server definition, have a read.

I added a local testing server, which seems to be settup right – all works well UNTIL I try to "Put" files to the remote server.

For some reason, it seems, instead to connect to the local XAMPP server.

If you want to use the Word Press Dashboard and Drupal Admin Interface (e.g.

Of course, that means it just looks to see about overwriting the file with itself.

Between a hint at the Adobe forums and a little thinking and discussion on our part, we've come up with a solution.

You may find our FTP Guide some help when configuring Dreamweaver's FTP settings.

Kindest Regards, Scott MHello Claudio, You can find your IP address for FTP by going into the c Panel.

Dreamweaver remote site not updating