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See also: 100 Things That Happen to You When You Start Dressing Well I follow a handful of these blogs religiously, but there’s simply not enough time in the day to keep up with all of the great stuff being produced.Basshunter ezen üzenetekkel arra utalgat,hogy szeretne még egy duettet az albumán!She explained that the choice was made while she was going through a difficult time of her life, and she wished she could "erase that from [her] past".Her plans for 2006 included the promotion of her hand-picked team of models, called Team Aylar.

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He also took part in the seventh series of Celebrity Big Brother, the British edition of Fort Boyard and the Weakest Link in 2010.

A red cover version was released on 1 January 2008, with the same Swedish songs from the original album, but with lyrics or just titles translated into English.

The new release also included new tracks, including the "Now You're Gone", "Russia Privjet", "The Beat", "Jingle Bells (Bass)", "Beer in the Bar" and Club Mix of "Dot A".

Elkezdett a számítógépes programmal 1999-ben zenét termelni Fruity Loops, és kibocsátotta az első albumát, The Bassmachine, a 2004-es saját honlapján keresztül.

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